Game Information

Aesir Mir is a sprite-based isometric 3-D massively multiplayer online role-playing game where players can play as different classes hunt and fight monsters with friends

or even join guilds and take on other players in PVP combat.


Aesir Mir has an overhauled Item system and leveling system mean there are tons of new items to choose from and with the leveling system there is less of a grind like some other MMORPGs.

Aesir Mir will never be pay to win, the game has been developed with a passion and the team just want to give back to the mir community.

Subclass System

Aesir Mir boasts a selection of subclasses that give the land of mir a revitalising boost and allows the player to push their character in the direction they want to. These classes are all detailed below:


Warriors are incredibly strong characters that use their brute force to hack away at their enemies. Warriors are generally the easiest character for new players due to their higher maximum health, defense and ease of play. The main drawback of the warrior is the cost of items as well as the fast depletion of the duration of these items due to the number of times the warrior is hit in combat.


This hard hitting class sacrifices speed and armour for hard hitting brutality. They will disregard their own safety to get a few vital, often fight ending, hits in on their target.


Knights are the juggernauts of Aesir Mir, they are notoriously hard to kill and weave a path of chaos and disruption through the battlefield.


Taoists are largely dependent on hunting in a group as its strengths are as a supporting class. Due to the supportive nature of the class, the harder the situation the players find themselves in, the more a taoist will prove its worth. Taoists are famed for their ability to survive. Taoists, combine both physical and magical attacks although at a lower level than other classes. Taoists are considered the hardest class to play, similar to wizards, taoists have "pet"-companions, which can be leveled during their lifetime. Taoist companions originate from buyable skills instead of the taming of mobs wizards are capable of.


Paladins smite their foes with divine might and finish them off in melee combat and could be seen as a blend of a Taoist and Warrior. Their utility abilities aren't as strong as taoists or clerics but they can do nearly everything pretty well.


Clerics are the healers of Aesir Mir, they have the strongest utility based spells in the land of Aesir even more so than their Taoist counterparts. However, what they make up for in utility and team fighting ability, they lose in defence and as such are very fragile in combat.


Wizards are a magic based class using magical ranged attacking due to their inability to sustain melee damage. Similarly, wizards rarely use melee attacks against their enemies, instead preferring to kill multiple monsters from distance with powerful magic, sending their tamed pets ahead of them for increased damage and protection.


Magus lay waste to their enemies from a distance, sorching the land and leaving desolution in their wake. They have access to the most destructive spells in all the land of mir however they are not resilient, even by the standards of wizards.


Cryomancers control the elements and battlefield often defeating their foes through a combination of damage and status effects to slow and negate attackers offenses.

Overall these subclasses add over 40 new spells to the game, which are useful throughout the life of a character (spells range from lvl 7 and upwards).

Artifacts can range from minor trinkets with utility uses all the way up to items that will grant the wearer immense power and unique abilities/attacks.

Overall these items add 100s of spells and effects to the game (to give you an idea how many there are the artifact NPC that explains the effects and abilities of each one has 20+ pages with 15 artifacts on each page). Several artifacts of the same kind may drop within the game but for the the majority there will only every be one of them ever.

Tons of new monsters roam the lands of mir that react and challenge players in different ways. Can you and your friends defeat them?

Think your the best player to ever grace the land of mir ? Prove it! These challenges range from dungeon crawls to mini games, can you enter the dungeon and make it out alive ? Can you beat the server's high score for a game? There are also several hidden challenges throughout the lands of mir, good luck exploring and finding them.